22 Sep 2016

Cozy Cloud is hiring!

Pirates !

Ahoy, cabin boy, cabin girl! Cozy Cloud is looking for new pirates talents to extend its crew. If you feel like a flibuster or a helmsman and you want to jump on the boat to confront the GAFAs1, contact our captain without delay.

Our mission

The personal server for all

Cozy makes personal server the new mainstream device. We allow anyone to host their web apps and data on their own hardware. This paradigm unleashes web applications capabilities, solves many privacy issues and frees us from the data fragmentation problem we all meet in our more and more digital lives.

Cozy is based on a free and open source software. That means our community is deeply involved in the project. Anyone can contribute through bug reports, code and translations. Building a strong and big community matters significantly for our project : it’s our only way to be able to compete with major cloud companies.

What is our business model ?

Cozy is an opportunity for the digital transformation of brick and mortars companies challenged by Google & Co. We make possible for them to re-invent their digital services and customer relationships by bringing their services in the personal cloud of their clients, so that they have a full digital intimacy whereas the data remain under the control of the user : a true win win model. We provide to thoses companies professional services.

Join us to improve Cozy!

  • 1 full stack developer on clients (mobile & desktop): experience on mobile (iOS & Androïd APIs, hopefully java and/or Obj-C / Swift, Cordova or PWA or React Native ring a bell) and desktop (not only web), at least 5 years of experience needed.

  • 1 GO developer, who loves APIs. Key condition: desire, motivation for the technology and the project.

  • 1 front developer focused on HTML / CSS integration, with some knowledge on JS: beginner possible.

  • 1 front JS developer with experience on important applications on JS: 4 years of experience minimum.

Work environment

  • A project with a mission: give back data to individiuals for a more seamless digital experience;
  • Remote Office;
  • Commited and talented team of 25 that is directly in contact with the community;
  • Short meeting every day at 2pm and regular physical meetings in Paris;
  • Agile organisation;

What we expect from you

  • You must be fluent/native in French;
  • You are at ease with English;
  • For you being a part of a great team is an important;
  • You have excellent organisational skills and autonomy (remote office);
  • You like driving building and shipping at a fast pace.
  • You like finding ways to make products simpler and more engaging;
  • You are ready to work in a very technical environment and know how work open source projects;
  • You are friendly with the startup working style: flat organization and changing context.

Interested? Please contact Benjamin ANDRÉ: ben (at) cozycloud.cc

  1. Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon 

Feedback on the new architecture


We would like to develop a new major version of Cozy that will be able to solve new challenges:

  • allowing multi-users for self-hosted instances;
  • lowering the resources consumption per hosted Cozy instance to reduce its cost;
  • improving global security;
  • reviewing some dimensions of the platform that do not look right to us.

To do so, we have started a large project, and the first step was to write a document describing the architecture we want to build. This document is available here: New Architecture

Before we start the coding phase, it was important for us to discuss with our community about the choices in this document. We received lots of feedback, on many subjects.

Feedback overview

First of all, they confirmed some choices we made. For instance, we had many feedbacks on these two points, that confirmed us that we were right in making them priorities:

  • a simpler and more robust installation, by improving the debian package
  • storing the files directly in the file system, not in CouchDB anymore

Our users were also really interested in hosting several Cozy instances, especially in a familial context. These different Cozies must be able to be run on the same server, but it is important that every user remain the owner of its data. In particular, if a family member leaves the household, she must be able to bring her data with her (and move her data on a new server for example).

From a technical perspective, lots of questions have been asked about the Go language. Almost all our readers told us that this language made sense, but wanted to know if we had considered some other languages, like Rust, Elixir, Python, etc. Many criteria from performances to community went into this choice, and Go seems to be the best compromise.

We have decided to publish the architecture document before its completion, because we will start coding really soon and it is easier to take feedback into account before immersing ourselves into the code. Some parts of this document are really superficial, but drew some interest nonetheless. One of them is the access control and rights management and it is a great news. The feedbacks we received have been helping us understanding all the needs and priorize our different trials before finding the ideal solution.

Some people want us to go even further with this new version with, for instance, some mainstream social media features. Even if it is really interesting, we do not have enough ressources to go further on these use cases. We already have big challenges ahead of us and dispersing our energies would not be wise.

Concurrently, we received in our offices Jan Lehnardt, CouchDB expert, to help us with this database. He was able to reinforce us on our choice, to give us visibility on CouchDB 2.0 new features and to explain us some internal details that may have important performances impact on our use cases. We are deeply satisfied by this collaboration and Jan was very enthusiastic about Cozy.

We will be able to start the new architecture development full of confidence, thanks to all the discussions we had in the last few weeks. We are lucking to have an active community, and we are really grateful for that!

5 Sep 2016

Yannick Bidois joins the Cozy crew!


Yannick discovered Cozy by chance; it seems crazy, but that’s how it is. He had been working for years in a big company, and he was tired of the atmosphere. He had just left Nissan, and he was thinking about running his own company. This is how he discovered the world of start-up and entrepreneurship: he had a project in mind, something between finance and human resources.

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31 Aug 2016

Cozy Cloud and Qwant working together to add Qwant search to the Cozy platform

A prototype of the User Interface for search in Cozy using Qwant

Helsinki (Finland) and Paris (France), August 31st 2016, at the MyData 2016 conference, French start-up Cozy Cloud and European search engine Qwant announce a technology partnership to enable Cozy users to use Qwant’s search inside Cozy platform. Searching content in Cozy enters a new dimension  […]

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19 Jul 2016

Changes within the Cozy leadership team

Every project — whether it is related to Open Source software, entrepreneurship or non-profit — is the result of team work, of men and women who work together to achieve a common goal. For several months now, disagreement has been growing within the Cozy leadership team, with an increasing risk of slowing down the project.

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