19 Jul 2016

Changes within the Cozy leadership team

Post updated on August 1st, 2016. Changes are in bold and the former version is available here.

Every project — whether it is related to Open Source software, entrepreneurship or non-profit — is the result of team work, of men and women who work together to achieve a common goal. For several months now, disagreement has been growing within the Cozy leadership team, with an increasing risk of slowing down the project. It has been decided by both Benjamin André (CEO) and Frank Rousseau (CTO) to ask the board for an arbitration, as shown in this email from Frank Rousseau sent on May 28, 2016:

« we did not find any agreement and we have decided to take the situation to the board with a clear understanding of the consequences from this decision. » — Frank Rousseau.*

On July 19 2016, the board has voted and decided that Frank Rousseau would leave his CTO position.

This decision was difficult but necessary at this point in time for the project. It will enable the Open Source Cozy project to gain new momentum, freed from conflicts that have hampered decisions.

This decision is not tied to the recent funding round and has no impact on the participative, Open Source nature of the Cozy Cloud project nor the recognition that Frank deserves for his past contributions.

Signed : Benjamin André (CEO) and Tristan Nitot (CPO).

FAQ (updated on August 1st, 2016)

What was the dissension about?

For several months now, Benjamin André and Frank Rousseau, Cozy Cloud’s cofounders, disagreed on many topics. Their disagreements were mainly about functional decisions for Cozy Cloud. For example, as Frank explained it to NextInpact (article in French), should we sell directly to the end user and risk to compete with our hosting partners or should we build partnerships with major brands to reach the end user? Anyhow, there has always been a consensus about one thing: Cozy is a free and open source project, built by and for its community.

Will users and contributors be impacted?

Users and contributors will not be impacted. The decision only impacted managerial and functional elements of the project.

Will Cozy change its goal?

Our mission is more than ever about making the personal cloud more accessible; our day-to-day decisions are more and more driven by data, which implies that we need to decentralize the Web again. Everybody should be able to get their personal cloud, their digital home where they can have access to powerful services. Instead of disseminating your data around the web, in silos, you can aggregate them in your personal cloud and have access to great services and full privacy. This means more control and more possibilities!

Will Cozy remain free and open source ?

Cozy remains an open source software aligned with the free software values and with a community driven development. This decision is in no way questioning our identity nor the future of the project. There will be no license change and no changes in our attitude towards the community. Our users and our contributors remain our priority.

Is this decision linked to the recent investment round ?

No. Our founders deeply disagreed on many managerial and functional topics, so they ended up asking the shareholders for an arbitrage about Cozy Cloud’s governance. The shareholders didn’t ask for this arbitrage. They voted against Benjamin André’s revocation and for Frank Rousseau’s revocation during the general assembly.

What is the impact on Cozy Cloud?

The decision taken during the general meeting did not aim at changing our strategy but make the project more efficient freed from any cofounders’ disagreements. The only changes will be inside the company Cozy Cloud, and the Open Source project Cozy will enjoy a quicker and better development, to help people take control on their personal data.

*Disclaimer: The email was written in French, this translation is only here to give context.

6 Jul 2016

Noëlie Andrieu joins the Cozy Crew

I can still remember the day Matthias sent this article published on the 13h37 blog. We were looking for a frontend developer and we asked him if he knew someone who could fit in the position. Instead of sending us a resume, he gave us a blog post. It was a retrospective of 10 years as a professional front-end developer. We were excited by reading this in-depth analysis that matched our own experience at Cozy.

Photo Noëlie

I can still remember the day Matthias sent this article published on the 13h37 blog. We were looking for a frontend developer and we asked him if he knew someone who could fit in the position. Instead of sending us a resume, he gave us a blog post. It was a retrospective of 10 years as a professional front-end developer. We were excited by reading this in-depth analysis that matched our own experience at Cozy.

It was written by Noëlie Andrieu, a software engineer in her thirties. There wasn’t a second to waste: I contacted her and shortly after, we met in a trendy bar called Le Comptoir Général. It’s located in the 10th district of Paris, near the Canal Saint-Martin. The place is spacious and has a retro-african style, and most of all, it is quiet. Perfect for a job interview. There I talked about my background and told the story of the Cozy project. Then, Noëlie told me her own story and I was able to discuss with her about her technical skills. I enjoyed seeing that she valued simple, straightforward solutions over complex ones and that she kept her up to date with latest technologies available. But now, let met talk to you about her background.

She discovered computer science later than a usual programmer. After her bachelor, she started some courses in the computer science field. There, she found her new passion: programming. And because she likes visual things, she oriented her work on the frontend development. She worked for a web agency and enjoyed doing several missions in the web development field. She finally worked for Skyblog which was the most popular French social network at that time (it was before the arrival of Facebook in France). She experienced what a rapid-growth is. Then she joined 20 minutes, a high traffic news platform. As you can guess, she learned a lot from such a versatile background.

On her free time, she decided to join the organization team of ParisWeb, a famous meetup around web technologies, accessibility and design. They promote free software and good practices. No need to say that it’s one of our favorite events. So, during two years, she contributed to one of the biggest event around web development.

Besides, Noëlie is deeply involved into the DIY movement! Aside of programming she loves to do knitting and embroidery as a hobby. Though it may sound surprising, fashion and knitting shares many similarities with the Free and Open Source Software movement. You can build new clothes by yourself, you can remix existing ones and even better you can use patterns shared and improved by all the knitting community. Another thing that pleased us!

Overall we were glad to meet Noëlie, she had the skills we were looking for and she shared many values with us: good practices, the “do it yourself” panache, along with diversity and knowledge sharing. Since her arrival, she works on our Emails client and is building solid foundations to make it performant and easy to maintain. So for the autumn, we put in our order of a set of handmade scarfs and a beautiful Emails client!

28 Jun 2016

Migration to Node 4

After two months of work, Cozy now works with Node 4! Why should you care? This technical modification will not change the way you use it, but developers now benefits from new features. They can use the ES6, latest JavaScript version, enabling them to build better applications. If your Cozy instance  […]

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23 Jun 2016

Self-hosting your Cozy at home: your equipment

Raspberry pi 3

This article aims at guiding you through the installation of your personal server, at home. You decided to self-host your data: you want to run your own server at home, on a computer you control. That’s great! Let’s chose your equipment. You will need at least: A personal server, like Raspberry Pi  […]

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10 Jun 2016

Cozy Cloud raises 4 million EUR with MAIF and Innovacom to fuel its growth

COZY CLOUD RAISES € 4 MILLION TO FUEL ITS GROWTH. THE START-UP ACCELERATES ITS DEVELOPMENT WITH MAIF AND INNOVACOM Paris, 10th June 2016: Start-up Cozy Cloud has closed a EUR 4 million investment round from MAIF (via its investment fund MAIF Avenir) and Innovacom. The objective is to accelerate its  […]

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