18 Jan 2018

How Facebooks makes us addicted


Mark Zuckerberg has recently explained that one of his 2018 goals was to make “sure that time spent on Facebook is time well spent”. Well, Sean Parker, Facebook’s former President, begs to differ. In a recent video, he explained that thought process behind building the social media giant was: “How  […]

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3 Nov 2017

Personal platform vs centralized platform

A recent video (above) was published by the French National Digital Council about the big Internet platforms. It explains the issues around the trust that consumers and citizens should put into Internet platforms, these companies sometimes called GAFAs (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, but it  […]

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19 Sep 2017

Why Cozy won't be the next Google - MyData follow-up


One question that I often get when I discuss what we do at Cozy Cloud is: “How do you want to replace the Google paradigm without becoming the next Google?” As I was on the main stage at the MyData 2017 event in Tallinn and Helsinki recently, I thought is was a great opportunity to respond to this  […]

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12 Sep 2017

Why you should see the 'Nothing to Hide' documentary


I’ve just seen the documentary Nothing to hide and I’ll say it plainly, it’s a movie that I would have liked to have made, a sort of video parallel to my book Surveillance:// and the conferences I give. It’s a shock response to the “I have nothing to hide” argument that crops up when we talk about  […]

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4 Aug 2017

4 must-read fascinating books while traveling by Tristan Nitot


Before going on vacation, Tristan Nitot share with us his great selection of books or documentary that you should read! Perhaps these books will inspire you to switch to Cozy! If you are fascinated by the Silicon Valley A novel: The Circle. Fast, troubly, compulsively addictive - The Circle is Dave  […]

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1 Aug 2017

Introducing the concept of Data DMZ, where personal data is safe


We often hear — as in The Economist — that data is the oil of the 21st Century. This claim is confirmed by the share values of Google and Facebook who, along with Apple, Amazon and Microsoft (the famous GAFAM), are the 5 companies with the best performing shares in the world. As a result, several  […]

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17 May 2017

About WannaCry and strong crypto


We have been offered by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum to write a little something about the hot topic of the days, the WannaCry ransomware, who is causing damage to many individuals and organizations. The article has been published: ransomware attacks and lessons to be learnt, but we only had room for  […]

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14 Apr 2017

Benjamin Bayart on privacy, freedoms and democracy

We have invited Benjamin Bayart to talk about privacy, freedoms and democracy. Benjamin is known for his involvement in the Quadrature du Net, the “Exégètes Amateurs” and the French Data Network FDN, as well as the FDN Federation. What is the relationship between targeted advertising, mass  […]

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16 Mar 2017

Two years with Cozy


It’s been two years already, and it’s still a blast: 2 years ago, in March 2015, I have left Mozilla where I had spent 17 years to join Cozy Cloud. What about summarizing what we’ve done over these 2 years? The Cozy mission is more inspiring than ever The fact that I left my job at Mozilla may have  […]

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9 Mar 2017

The chilling effects of mass surveillance


While surveillance of citizens is increasingly common around the world (did you hear about the recent Wikileaks revelations?), it stirs debate around one important question: how bad is it to live in a mass surveillance society? The answer is simple: when we know we may be under surveillance, we  […]

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5 Jan 2017

Pigs in a digital world

((photo de saucisson

Have your heard the joke about the two pigs? I think it’s a great way to start the new year (happy new year!). So here you are: Two pigs are in a farm and have a chat: I love this place! Isn’t it cool that all the food is for free? The second pig swallows its food and replies: Of course, and on top  […]

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10 Nov 2016

Digital home, sweet digital home

Digital home, sweet digital home

Is privacy a thing from the past? We hear it claimed a hundred times a day that privacy is dead. Today, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft know more about us than our parents or best friends thanks to the information they collect on us by storing our mail, our files, our photos, analysing our  […]

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3 Nov 2016

GDPR and companies: what are the consequences?

La GDPR et les entreprises : quelles conséquences ?

Context Privacy issues and personal data regulation have become a major challenge. Last year, EU decided to unify privacy-related regulations by setting up the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Every company collecting, storing or processing personal data will have to comply with the GDPR.  […]

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20 Oct 2016

The things you own end up owning you

The things you own end up owning you

The things you own end up owning you: the buddhist idea has never been truer than in the case of Internet-connected objects. What do we actually own when we buy a smartphone, a smart fridge, an ebook on Kindle? The smart device is currently killing the notion of ownership. Let’s take a few steps  […]

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6 Oct 2016

Tristan Nitot about his surveillance:// book

Surveillance, Tristan Nitot's book

— Why did you write a book called surveillance:// ? — I discovered computing when I was 14 years old in 1980, and I was fascinated, to the point I wanted to make it my career. Personal computing was first, then came computer networks, then the Internet. I could envision how this would change the  […]

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6 Apr 2016

Cozy, mass surveillance and self censorship

This post is the first one of a series that aims at explaining in which context Cozy is operating, beyond technology. There are many reasons to use Cozy, and one of them is to curb mass surveillance, considering that it starves democracy. Let’s see how Cozy, mass surveillance and democracy are  […]

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