26 May 2016

Interview of Rémi, developer of the Map application

Rémi climbing to the cloud

Rémi is a cartography enthusiast, and fan of Cozy from the very beginning. So he decided to mix this two passions by creating a map application for Cozy. This was really challenging, as he is not a web developer. For a few days now, you can install a first version of its Map application on your Cozy. We jumped at the chance to ask him some words about the application and get its feedback on developing application for Cozy. We hope that its example will convince more of you to jump into the train and start hacking applications for your server.

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5 Aug 2015

Benjamin Bouvier creator of Kresus app interviewed


Hi Benjamin, you’re the guy behind the Kresus application for Cozy. Can you introduce yourself?

BB - Hi! My name is Benjamin Bouvier, I’m 25 and I’m an Engineer working for Mozilla. I have discovered Free and Open Source software while I was an Engineering student and I love the fact that I can change existing software products, extend them and give back to the community. I have been interested by data protection and on-line privacy for a while, and it made me contribute to Cozy.

Aside from computing, I love music, in particular doing piano covers of popular electronic pieces.

How did you learn about Cozy?

BB - In 2012, I attend a LyonJS meet-up in Lyon (France) about JavaScript. Frank and Benjamin, the Cozy founders, were giving a talk. The idea of a personal, Open-Source cloud that enables people to do more with their data without sacrificing their privacy was interesting. We had a beer with Frank and while chatting I realized how our respective visions matched each other, so I started contributing to the Cozy platform and a few apps.

What is Kresus and where did you get the incentive to start creating it?

BB - Kresus is a Cozy app to manage your personal finances. It can automatically extract data from your bank account in order to categorize it. It enables users to create report and learn how they spend their money: where do I spend most, what is actually my monthly budget and such…

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