25 Jan 2018

Day One : Cozy Cloud launches Cozy

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Today is a really big day here at Cozy Cloud’s headquarters, as we’ve just announced that Cozy is made available to the general public. No more Beta tag, we’re going final! It feels great to say this out loud. We’ve held our very first press conference this morning, where we’ve shared this press  […]

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13 Apr 2017

Release of Cozy V3 Alpha! Aka the light at the end of the tunnel


It’s a big moment here at Cozy Cloud, as we are launching the Alpha 3 version of our Cozy software. In itself, an Alpha version (pre-version of a still barely usable software) doesn’t generate a lot of excitement. However this launch is a special one for the Cozy community, insofar as it makes it  […]

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12 Apr 2017

Joseph presents the Cozy v3 roadmap

Joseph Silvestre, “Product Owner” at Cozy Cloud and one of the first developers of the Cozy project, gives an update on the progress of Cozy V3. As the first quarter ends, where are we at? What’s been delivered according to the plan, what is likely to be late? And what are we going to do next? To  […]

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16 Feb 2017

Brand new My Accounts: Gathering your data has never been that easy

My Accounts Discovery tab

We believe at Cozy Cloud that everybody should get its data back, in the simplest way possible. My Account, our app allowing you to automatically retrieve your data (bills, health data, etc,) plays a central role in this mission. This is why we decided to rethink this app from the ground up. What’s  […]

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28 Nov 2016

On the road to Cozy version 3


TL; DR: Cozy is an Open Source / Free Software project that is both audacious and moving fast: applications are getting better, users are numerous and the community is very active. Financially, things are going well, the recent funding roud enables us to hire more developers. There is an issue  […]

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28 Jun 2016

Migration to Node 4

After two months of work, Cozy now works with Node 4! Why should you care? This technical modification will not change the way you use it, but developers now benefits from new features. They can use the ES6, latest JavaScript version, enabling them to build better applications. If your Cozy instance  […]

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6 Jun 2016

Brace yourselves, desktop client for Linux is coming!


The wait is over! Who needs Google Drive or Dropbox when you have the Cozy desktop client? Now available for Linux, it can sync your files between your Cozy instance and your desktop. From now on, you can easily view the files stored in your Cozy on your computer. The sync works both ways : you can  […]

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11 May 2016

Results of the product survey


A couple of weeks ago, we asked Cozy community to answer a survey about our future commercial offer, and the first results are ready to be published! A few words about methodology We have communicated about the survey through three channels: the newsletter[1], the website and Twitter, in two  […]

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