7 Nov 2017

Deciding the digital future we want


I recently came across a picture from 1997 or 1998. In the picture, posted above, you can see one of my computers from that era (a beige desktop PC, with a CRT screen), which was running the venerable Netscape navigator. I felt a wave of nostalgia. Ah, 1998… Wikipedia hadn’t been born, and a search  […]

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3 Nov 2017

Personal platform vs centralized platform

A recent video (above) was published by the French National Digital Council about the big Internet platforms. It explains the issues around the trust that consumers and citizens should put into Internet platforms, these companies sometimes called GAFAs (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, but it  […]

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23 Oct 2017

What about doing a talk about Decentralized Internet & Privacy at FOSDEM 2018?


Earlier this year, Cozy Cloud, along with other cool folks (hi Bram and Taziden), we organized the Decentralized Internet Devroom at FOSDEM. In short, the results were above our wildest expectations: the schedule was packed and the room was so packed (e.g. too small) that we had to refuse hundreds  […]

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19 Sep 2017

Why Cozy won't be the next Google - MyData follow-up


One question that I often get when I discuss what we do at Cozy Cloud is: “How do you want to replace the Google paradigm without becoming the next Google?” As I was on the main stage at the MyData 2017 event in Tallinn and Helsinki recently, I thought is was a great opportunity to respond to this  […]

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12 Sep 2017

Why you should see the 'Nothing to Hide' documentary


I’ve just seen the documentary Nothing to hide and I’ll say it plainly, it’s a movie that I would have liked to have made, a sort of video parallel to my book Surveillance:// and the conferences I give. It’s a shock response to the “I have nothing to hide” argument that crops up when we talk about  […]

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4 Aug 2017

4 must-read fascinating books while traveling by Tristan Nitot


Before going on vacation, Tristan Nitot share with us his great selection of books or documentary that you should read! Perhaps these books will inspire you to switch to Cozy! If you are fascinated by the Silicon Valley A novel: The Circle. Fast, troubly, compulsively addictive - The Circle is Dave  […]

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1 Aug 2017

Introducing the concept of Data DMZ, where personal data is safe


We often hear — as in The Economist — that data is the oil of the 21st Century. This claim is confirmed by the share values of Google and Facebook who, along with Apple, Amazon and Microsoft (the famous GAFAM), are the 5 companies with the best performing shares in the world. As a result, several  […]

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21 Jun 2017

Announcing the Cozy Connector community developer program


Cozy Collect, the app that empowers users to collect their personal data from third parties, using connectors Would like to learn how to make holes in data silos? Let me explain: as Cozy V3 Beta is about to be released, we can move forward on what makes Cozy truly unique: enabling individuals to  […]

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14 Jun 2017

Cozy at Viva Technology trade show


Some of our readers may want to attend the Viva Technology show but are concerned about the steep price, so we’ve decided to help by giving away free three-day passes (cost: EUR490!) As we suspect that there may be more requests than available passes, we need a way to decide who gets the pass and  […]

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9 Jun 2017

Cozy Cloud shows off a completely new pre-version of its personal cloud solution


This brand new version of the Cozy personal cloud arises a great usability improvement, a new architecture more scalable and the sync with new operating systems (Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android). Paris, 9th of June 2017, during the Futur en Seine Festival, Cozy Cloud introduces a brand new version  […]

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17 May 2017

About WannaCry and strong crypto


We have been offered by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum to write a little something about the hot topic of the days, the WannaCry ransomware, who is causing damage to many individuals and organizations. The article has been published: ransomware attacks and lessons to be learnt, but we only had room for  […]

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14 Apr 2017

Benjamin Bayart on privacy, freedoms and democracy

We have invited Benjamin Bayart to talk about privacy, freedoms and democracy. Benjamin is known for his involvement in the Quadrature du Net, the “Exégètes Amateurs” and the French Data Network FDN, as well as the FDN Federation. What is the relationship between targeted advertising, mass  […]

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Christophe presents the upcoming developments on My Accounts

Christophe Thiriot, developer at Cozy Cloud and maintainer of the My Accounts application (formerly Konnectors) introduces us to it. He also presents the various developments planned with the coming arrival of Cozy V3. What are they? Who is this application for? What can it bring to your daily  […]

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M4dz introduces us to Cozy's Devtools

M4dz, front-end developer at Cozy Cloud, presents the various Cozy Devtools. Want to find out more about how we work? Do you want to help us? All the necessary information is unveiled in this video! We are really sorry for our anglophone readers, the video is only available in French.  […]

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13 Apr 2017

Release of Cozy V3 Alpha! Aka the light at the end of the tunnel


It’s a big moment here at Cozy Cloud, as we are launching the Alpha 3 version of our Cozy software. In itself, an Alpha version (pre-version of a still barely usable software) doesn’t generate a lot of excitement. However this launch is a special one for the Cozy community, insofar as it makes it  […]

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12 Apr 2017

Joseph presents the Cozy v3 roadmap

Joseph Silvestre, “Product Owner” at Cozy Cloud and one of the first developers of the Cozy project, gives an update on the progress of Cozy V3. As the first quarter ends, where are we at? What’s been delivered according to the plan, what is likely to be late? And what are we going to do next? To  […]

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16 Mar 2017

Two years with Cozy


It’s been two years already, and it’s still a blast: 2 years ago, in March 2015, I have left Mozilla where I had spent 17 years to join Cozy Cloud. What about summarizing what we’ve done over these 2 years? The Cozy mission is more inspiring than ever The fact that I left my job at Mozilla may have  […]

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9 Mar 2017

The chilling effects of mass surveillance


While surveillance of citizens is increasingly common around the world (did you hear about the recent Wikileaks revelations?), it stirs debate around one important question: how bad is it to live in a mass surveillance society? The answer is simple: when we know we may be under surveillance, we  […]

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2 Mar 2017

We want our data back using APIs!


Cozy Cloud — the French startup that develops a free software personal cloud — has communicated to CNIL (French DPA) and the Art. 29 WP a comment on the modalities of implementation of the portability part of the GDPR. This comment is co-signed by many digital organizations and thought leaders.

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16 Feb 2017

Brand new My Accounts: Gathering your data has never been that easy

My Accounts Discovery tab

We believe at Cozy Cloud that everybody should get its data back, in the simplest way possible. My Account, our app allowing you to automatically retrieve your data (bills, health data, etc,) plays a central role in this mission. This is why we decided to rethink this app from the ground up. What’s  […]

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