5 Jan 2017

Pigs in a digital world

((photo de saucisson

Have your heard the joke about the two pigs? I think it’s a great way to start the new year (happy new year!). So here you are: Two pigs are in a farm and have a chat: I love this place! Isn’t it cool that all the food is for free? The second pig swallows its food and replies: Of course, and on top  […]

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8 Dec 2016

Gregory joins Cozy Cloud!


Once we started our second round of equity financing, we knew that we would have to grow quickly and efficiently in order to increase the speed and stability of our development. This is a challenge all companies must face. This is when it’s important to recruit the best people so they can work in  […]

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29 Nov 2016

Cedric joins the Cozy crew

Cédric joins the Cozy Crew

At Cozy, we like to keep in touch with student communities. That’s where we often meet passionate people determined to find meaning in their work, who are very enthusiastic when discovering a new language and development project. That’s how Cédric found us: he wanted to create a professional data  […]

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28 Nov 2016

On the road to Cozy version 3


TL; DR: Cozy is an Open Source / Free Software project that is both audacious and moving fast: applications are getting better, users are numerous and the community is very active. Financially, things are going well, the recent funding roud enables us to hire more developers. There is an issue  […]

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15 Nov 2016

FOSDEM & Decentralized Internet


The Cozy team wants people to take back control of their data, but we know this is just a part of a larger goal, which is building a decentralized Internet. In order to achieve this, we want to help the many projects around a decentralized Internet to connect and cross-pollinize. This is why I have  […]

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10 Nov 2016

Digital home, sweet digital home

Digital home, sweet digital home

Is privacy a thing from the past? We hear it claimed a hundred times a day that privacy is dead. Today, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft know more about us than our parents or best friends thanks to the information they collect on us by storing our mail, our files, our photos, analysing our  […]

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9 Nov 2016

Cozy will be at POSS2016

Cozy will be at POSS2016

TL;DR Join us on November 16th and 17th for the Open Source Summit at POSS ! You can meet us at our stand B28. What is the Open Source Summit? The Open Source Summit is a European event dedicated to open source and open innovation in general. Free & Open Source Software, open data, open  […]

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3 Nov 2016

Pierre joins the Cozy crew

Pierre joins the Cozy crew

When Pierre started high school, he was certain of one thing: he wanted to become an engineer. Although he quickly realized that engineering wasn’t really for him, he held on to his life-long passion for problem solving. Pierre has a good head on his shoulders: he can see how things work, explore  […]

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GDPR and companies: what are the consequences?

La GDPR et les entreprises : quelles conséquences ?

Context Privacy issues and personal data regulation have become a major challenge. Last year, EU decided to unify privacy-related regulations by setting up the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Every company collecting, storing or processing personal data will have to comply with the GDPR.  […]

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20 Oct 2016

The things you own end up owning you

The things you own end up owning you

The things you own end up owning you: the buddhist idea has never been truer than in the case of Internet-connected objects. What do we actually own when we buy a smartphone, a smart fridge, an ebook on Kindle? The smart device is currently killing the notion of ownership. Let’s take a few steps  […]

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6 Oct 2016

Aeris joins the Cozy crew

Portrait of Nicolas Aeris

In the digital freedom ecosystem, talking about Nicolas Vinot will not get you far. But mention his nickname and you will have a very different answer: whether IRL or on Twitter, Aeris is a famous figure! His numerous contributions and his vehement speeches are his signature. Being an IT security  […]

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Tristan Nitot about his surveillance:// book

Surveillance, Tristan Nitot's book

— Why did you write a book called surveillance:// ? — I discovered computing when I was 14 years old in 1980, and I was fascinated, to the point I wanted to make it my career. Personal computing was first, then came computer networks, then the Internet. I could envision how this would change the  […]

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22 Sep 2016

Cozy Cloud is hiring!

Pirates !

Ahoy, cabin boy, cabin girl! Cozy Cloud is looking for new pirates talents to extend its crew. If you feel like a flibuster or a helmsman and you want to jump on the boat to confront the GAFAs1, contact our captain without delay. Our mission The personal server for all Cozy makes personal server  […]

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21 Sep 2016

Feedback on the new architecture

Context We would like to develop a new major version of Cozy that will be able to solve new challenges: allowing multi-users for self-hosted instances; lowering the resources consumption per hosted Cozy instance to reduce its cost; improving global security; reviewing some dimensions of the platform  […]

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5 Sep 2016

Yannick Bidois joins the Cozy crew!


Yannick discovered Cozy by chance; it seems crazy, but that’s how it is. He had been working for years in a big company, and he was tired of the atmosphere. He had just left Nissan, and he was thinking about running his own company. This is how he discovered the world of start-up and entrepreneurship: he had a project in mind, something between finance and human resources.

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31 Aug 2016

Cozy Cloud and Qwant working together to add Qwant search to the Cozy platform

A prototype of the User Interface for search in Cozy using Qwant

Helsinki (Finland) and Paris (France), August 31st 2016, at the MyData 2016 conference, French start-up Cozy Cloud and European search engine Qwant announce a technology partnership to enable Cozy users to use Qwant’s search inside Cozy platform. Searching content in Cozy enters a new dimension  […]

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19 Jul 2016

Changes within the Cozy leadership team

Every project — whether it is related to Open Source software, entrepreneurship or non-profit — is the result of team work, of men and women who work together to achieve a common goal. For several months now, disagreement has been growing within the Cozy leadership team, with an increasing risk of slowing down the project.

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6 Jul 2016

Noëlie Andrieu joins the Cozy Crew

Photo Noëlie

I can still remember the day Matthias sent this article published on the 13h37 blog. We were looking for a frontend developer and we asked him if he knew someone who could fit in the position. Instead of sending us a resume, he gave us a blog post. It was a retrospective of 10 years as a professional front-end developer. We were excited by reading this in-depth analysis that matched our own experience at Cozy.

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28 Jun 2016

Migration to Node 4

After two months of work, Cozy now works with Node 4! Why should you care? This technical modification will not change the way you use it, but developers now benefits from new features. They can use the ES6, latest JavaScript version, enabling them to build better applications. If your Cozy instance  […]

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23 Jun 2016

Self-hosting your Cozy at home: your equipment

Raspberry pi 3

This article aims at guiding you through the installation of your personal server, at home. You decided to self-host your data: you want to run your own server at home, on a computer you control. That’s great! Let’s chose your equipment. You will need at least: A personal server, like Raspberry Pi  […]

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