We have to focus, that’s why we’ll work mainly on Cozy code base and partnerships.

Intro picture

As you noticed we haven’t updated any news on this blog, our Twitter account was not so well filled with new good content and most of all we closed our hosting services. Does it all sound like bad news? In fact not. We were pleasantly overwhelmed by three very time consuming activities.

A growing community

More and more people use their Cozy on a daily basis. Most of them are happy but they have also brought to us new issues and ideas. By that time, we had a big interest from the mini board community, especially from the Raspberry Pi users. So we provide them with special support. Furthermore, we made public two ready-to-go images for other popular boards made by Cubieboard.

More clients

We gain traction to established business. They understood that big players like Google, Dropbox, Mint, etc. are preventing them to have a direct relationship with their customers. So, they have to find a new paradigm, one that doesn’t change them to simple vendors while they can still provide a good customer experience. Which is why they want to work with us to bring an open and mutualized platform to the Web. This way they could keep doing what they do without worrying too much about building SaaS services (providing Cozy instance on their hardware or simply building a good app would be enough). That was good news to us, especially for our business model, but it came with extra work ;).

Fund raising and hiring

Like many other ambitious startups we are looking for funds. Having funds means that it would help us to build the Cozy platform faster. Cozy would offer full synchronization and collaboration capabilities to our users. To achieve that, we must expand the team by hiring new talented people. The fundraising process requires a lot of energy. It kept most of the attention of our CEO. On the bright side, it helped on growing our network and direct us to think better about our businness.

All of it was keeping the team occupied. In the mean time, to assure the quality of our work, we focused on the three points above. That’s why we have communicated less and why we stopped proposing hosting services directly. But no worries, things are moving in an exciting pace! Once we will succeed in closing our first round of fund raising and once we will welcome all our new team member, we’ll inform you. Be patient!

Thank you for your attention and see you soon!