Cozy @ JDLL 2014

Cozy will be at JDLL for a talk!

JDLL symbol

JDLL are conferences about free software culture that will take place this week-end in Lyon. JDLL is a very nice event with a lot of passionated people from different backgrounds: software engineers, teachers, geeks…

If you come there you will learn a lot about free softwares, their weaknesses and strengths, how you could take advantage of them and why it makes the world a better place.

Another aspect to consider: We’ll give a talk there. We’ll talk about the Cozy apps and how to install Cozy on your hardware. It will happen on sunday at 10:00am. See you there!

April 12-13th, 2014 
Salle des Raincy - Maison pour tous, 249 rue Vandôme (IIIe).