Cozy Files Offers New File Sharing Capabilities

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Past weeks were quite busy at Cozy. We ran a Focus Sprint (the whole team worked on the same subject) dedicated to the Files application. We mostly focused on the folder sharing feature and the upload user experience.

Folder Sharing: contact browsing, collaboration mode, and upload notification

Folder sharing User experience get significant improvements. When you share a Folder with someone, you can select him/her directly from your contact database. An autocomplete toolbox will allow to browse into them very quickly.

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Cozy files generate a dedicated URL for each contact. This way you can manage directly read and write access for your contacts. A contact with write access will be allowed to upload files and create subfolders.

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Last but not least, you and your contacts can subscribe to notifications. This way every time someone upload something in the shared folder, you will get a Cozy notification and your contacts will be informed by email.

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File upload

For you file uploading we provide you with a better experience. Upload button is more comprehensive, progress bars are more informative and success/failure indicators are now displayed at the end of the upload.

It manages better the file upload queue: only 5 files are uploaded simultaneously. This way, it avoids many error case.

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Misc: tagging, amount of elements in the folder and restyling

By the way we made a lot of small improvements: * The overall UI is more coherent with the Cozy apps. * We changed some icons and tooltips to make them more explicit. * The number of elements in a folder are displayed properly. * You can tag files and make quick search via these tags (thank you Mihnea). * The shared state of a folder is better displayed. * Better loading performance.

That’s it! We hope you will enjoy this new version. We are still working on mobile and desktop clients. While waiting for them, you can try our the new features from the web app! Feel free to give us your feedback by email or in the comments!