Clochix joins the Cozy Crew

Cozy relies a lot on User interfaces that involves complex coding. That’s why we decided to hire someone with an expertise in its field. We are mainly front-end developpers, so it was a little bit like hiring ourselves. We crafted easily a job offer. Once done, we published it and we get a lot of good applications. In this context, Clochix contacted us.

Six months ago, we were looking for new front-end developers. Crafting a job offer was something easy. We do mainly front-end development, it was like hiring ourselves. Cozy user interfaces involve complex coding, that’s why we needed to hire someone with a great expertise in this field. In this context, Clochix contacted us.

Clochix discovered Cozy by reading this blog. He liked the philosophy behind the project. When he browsed the code and saw the project activities, it confirmed that we were doing all what we were talking about. Making software about free web and user empowerment matches many of his values. So, he was convinced that we could build great things together. That’s why he reached us.

Prior applying to Cozy, Clochix worked for various employers and developed strong skills in web development. Among innovative companies he worked for, there was Clever age, Blue Kiwi and Neolane. Recently, he focused his work on Javascript and front-end development. That made a him a candidate of choice for our offer.

But Clochix area of expertise goes beyond that. First, he is an active Mozilla Community member. He participated to many events, he shared his knowledge and thoughts with many members of the community. Moreover, he likes to build things by its own: he was one of the first people to make an application for Firefox OS: a pocket reader named Alir (FOS version, Cozy Version). You get it, when it’s about FOSS development and community relations, he is at ease.

NB: By the way, he’s a Vi user and promoter! ;)

Second, Clochix is a fabulous writer. Reading his blog always leads to great thoughts. It’s not surprising to see that his blog posts and tweets are followed by thousands of readers.
Efficient communication matters a lot. We are teleworkers and good writing means better and quicker understanding. His prose will push us to write better texts. And of course, we expect that he will find time to write great contents on the Cozy blog.

Last but not least, he loves cats. He starts every conversation with a “meow”. Cats rule the web, so it was wiser to have one of their zealot in our crew!