Matthias Dugué Joins the Cozy Crew

Matthias Picture

Recently, we reached a point where we were satisfied with the technical progress of Cozy. The underlying plumbery of the platform was working pretty well and we were able to handle the hosting of a great number of Cozy instances. At that time, the next big challenge we were going to face was the user experience. Until there, we were relying on the idea of making things simple and straightfoward. It was good enough for early adopters. But truth is that there were rooms for a lot of improvements.

UX is something you can’t improvise. So, we decided to look for people more experienced in that field. Clochix mentioned to us Matthias Dugué, one of his former colleague. He had the right expertise and was looking for a new job.

We contacted him directly. After several interviews, Matthias and us were convinced we should work together. He clearly loved the project and the mission. For us, it was the perfect profile: he had a good sense of user interface and great developer skills. We couldn’t afford yet to have someone dedicated full-time to UX. We needed someone able to implement what he designed. That’s why Matthias was a perfect fit.

Matthias has a very interesting background. During his past experience he was involved in theater show as a make-up artist. There he developed a creative mindset. Then, he decided to change to work in the web industry. What sounded logical to him was to deal with the visuals of applications. That’s why he mainly focused on the design part. But quickly, he understood that to make all his ideas alive he would have to know how to do front-end development. And because he’s a great self-learner. He was at ease with practicing coding (ok, he was found of computers since his earlies). Soon, he was able to work as a free-lancer. He had many clients and worked with various technologies (Python, Ruby and PHP). Finall,y he joined a prestigious French consultancy firm called Clever Age. He worked for the luxury industry. The creativity of their marketing teams pushed him to build complex and fully animated websites.

Aside of his daily job, Matthias is involved in the tech community. He performs talks on a regular basis about tooling, good practices. He likes to do training too. Another fact: one of his main concern is the accessibility. For him apps and websites should be opened to anyone.

Everything sounded perfect, I mean almost… Because Matthias is an Apple user. It’s sad but we think we can handle it. And maybe one day we’ll convince him to use Linux or FreeBSD!

Overall, another great fellow joined our team. We are now twelve to build an alternative to cloud services. UX and design are big part of a succesful product. That’s why we’ll expect a lot from Matthias!