Partnering with the PINE64 project to make an affordable (19$!) Cozy box where to keep your data safe


When the folks over at PINE64 launched their Kickstarter campaign, I could not believe my eyes: their tiny computer, featuring a 64-bits quad-core processor, up to 2GB of RAM and a Gigabit Ethernet port had a tiny price tag (between USD15 and USD29 depending on the options). I was reading this on Twitter while walking in a street in Paris, and I wanted to get one ASAP, so I stopped in a café and ordered mine right away on my smartphone!

This low-consumption board looks perfect to host a Cozy at home. That’s why we decided to make it sure you can use it to build your own personal cloud. So today, we are proud to announce you that we are partnering with the Pine64 team!

This partnership means that we’re going to work with them and create an image of Cozy so that it becomes super easy to setup and run Cozy on a PINE64. We’ll get a prototype board very soon and will share the progress we make in this exciting new direction.

In the meantime, go and back their awesome project! (The PINE64 board won’t arrive in time for the holidays, but this won’t stop us from wishing you happy holidays…)