New partner and additional funding for Cozy!


Big news for Cozy: we’ve just won the Concours d’Innovation Numérique (that’s French for Digital Innovation Contest). Here is why this is a pretty big deal for us as it takes us closer to a commercial launch

  1. Media exposure Getting visibility is important for us as we get closer to a commercial product
  2. A major partnership/. The contest has been won by a Cozy/ partnership. For those who don’t know Gandi, they’re the French pioneer of Domain names and Cloud hosting. The goal of this partnership is to make it possible to host Cozy instances on Gandi’s infrastructure and make this a part of their offering.
  3. Funding. Making this partnership a reality needs some time and time is money. The good side is that the contest comes with significant prize money for Cozy (560’000€ / 626’000$), which give us the time we need. There is also some nice money for Gandi, which is a cool incentive for them too.

Apart from this we also have nice media coverage in France with Blog and l’Usine Digitale. Have any idea of press outlets that we could be interested by covering Cozy? Let me know by email: tristan (at) cozycloud (dot) cc and I’ll reach out to them!