Picking a place to host your Cozy

Screenshot while placing an order for an OVH VPS running Cozy Cloud

Until recently, using Cozy meant using the command line, unless you went for our Beta test program. Luckily, things have changed!

A few hosting companies started offering Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with Cozy pre-installed. This means that for a few euros (or dollars) a month, you can start discovering Cozy.


One should remember that deploying such Cozy instances implies maintaining them yourself. If you don’t feel ready to use the command line to do so, a better option is to apply to our Beta program and/or wait for the commercial offer we’re building with our new partner, Gandi.net.

Without further ado, here is the list of hosting companies that offer a Cozy image for their VPS offering:

  • OVH, starting at 3€59/mo. OVH is the biggest French hosting company and are know for their low prices.
  • Scaleway, starting at 3€59/mo. Scaleway is the subsidiary of Online.net, another French company. They focus on ARM-powered servers which enable them to price aggressively. Their server management UI is really nice.
  • SWHosting, starting at 38€/mo. SWHosting is a Spanish company with a high-end offering with great support, hence the higher prices.
  • Netcup, starting at 4€40/mo. Netcup is German and has a focus on security. Using their service is a little harder than some others and requires understanding German.

Two additional players of the hosting world will soon join the Cozy bandwagon:

  • Bitnami - Last October, we’ve been voted to join Bitnami’s catalog. Bitnami is based in the US and offer VPS images that are easy to deploy and well maintained. We’ll let you know when they’re ready to include Cozy in their offering.
  • Ikoula. Ikoula is French. They’ve been amongst the first to contact us to offer Cozy on their servers. We’re finalizing the details so that you can run Cozy on Ikoula’s servers.

Between Gandi, OVH, Online and Ikoula, the biggest French hosting companies have selected Cozy to be part of their offering. Europe, from Germany to Spain, is welcoming Cozy too, with Netcup and SWHosting. The next step is America with Bitnami and other American platforms! Stay tuned!