Release of Cozy 2.5 and future developments

Cozy 2.5

After two months of hard work to stabilize the platform, we are proud to announce the release of Cozy 2.5 !

We’ve worked towards one goal: improving user experience on all the platform, by fixing bugs, but also by fixing blockades and frustrations you may have found.

Here is the list of the main changes:

Moving to Node.js 4

We have changed all Cozy’s modules so they can work with Node.js 4. It is a major technical improvement for all the developers and the community. In addition to ease the installation process for self-hosted users, developers can take advantage of the new features, such as new JavaScript version, ES6.

Mobile application

We have cleaned up the mobile application to remove many of the blocking issues users met. We took this opportunity to rework the first time experience on the application in order to explain better what it does.



We previously rewrote from scratch the application. The general feedback was very positive apart from one thing: performance in certain cases. This is why we have improved performance a lot so the application is always fluid, even when you have a lot of entries in your address book!

Client-side applications

That might not speak to many of you, but developers can now write new kind of applications, client-side applications. The idea is that you don’t have to write the server anymore. If you were too impressed by Node.js to write an app, you don’t have any excuse anymore ;-)

We’ve also written the related documentation to get you started, let us know what you think we can improve.


We can’t wait to see what new applications will be created. As a matter of facts, several games are already available for your entertainment (see


Many bugs have been fixed those past two months, and there is more to come. We will keep focus on it to provide the necessary quality. More information on this matter in the second part of this blog post.


We keep on improving the secure sharing of a calendar between Cozy. Paul and Julien have refined the theoretical model, and we now implement it into Cozy. If the first feature will be calendar sharing, we are working on an API that will allow sharing of any document!

Future developments

Many of you ask us what we are doing next, so we updated our public road map (available here), and we really wanted to share our plans for the next three months.

Desktop synchronization client

After pausing to improve the overall stability of the platform, we are now working hard on the files synchronization client for your desktop, in order to release a beta for all Linux users. We can’t wait to get your feedback!


We will focus on improving the technical architecture of the application. This background work will make the application easier to evolve. Also we will add automated tests to improve the overall quality. For those reasons, don’t expect a lot of visible changes in the upcoming months.

Secure sharing between Cozy

We will continue our effort on the secure sharing between Cozy. It’s a long term project, we will keep you updated as it goes.

Inter-application sharing

One of the added values of Cozy is the possibility to reuse data in other applications. We think the time has come to develop that powerful tool, that’s why we want to develop an API to ease those interactions between Cozy applications. Just like you, we dream to have our contacts’ birthday in our calendar, or to be able to store our emails attachments within Files. This work starts now!

Application installed as NPM package

This is a very technical feature, but that will greatly ease the update workflow for the team and all the developers that will use it, by allowing a better separation between the published code and the code to test.


We are dedicating resources to the Cozic application, so it can be usable again. That being said, it will remain a community application, and won’t be maintain more than necessary in the future.

If you have any questions, remarks, please feel free to share them (on the forum) so that all of us in the Cozy community can discuss them!