Results of the product survey

A couple of weeks ago, we asked Cozy community to answer a survey about our future commercial offer, and the first results are ready to be published!

A few words about methodology

We have communicated about the survey through three channels: the newsletter[1], the website and Twitter, in two versions, French and English. We had 334 participants in total. Since all answers were not mandatory, the percentage of answers varies greatly between questions.

We have combined the French and English version, as there was no big difference between the two, and we felt more comfortable having one larger sample than two smaller samples.

How is your Cozy hosted?


Results are not surprising : it’s currently the beta instance we offer that host the most Cozy. It would certainly be more interesting to see the evolution of those numbers in time, rather than a picture at a given moment, but it gives an idea of how Cozy are divided right now.

Please note the bias: the newsletter is our main source of answers, This newsletter has been for a longtime made only by people willing to get access to our beta. As a result, many people who answer are hosted by us, or waiting to be.

We also notice there is a big share of answer “I don’t use Cozy”. The vast majority of those people are in the waiting list, or just discovered Cozy.

How many applications do you use in your Cozy?


We asked this question in order to determine the average RAM consumption for one Cozy, which depends a lot on the number of installed applications. With an instance sized for 10 applications, nearly 90% of use cases are covered! This graphics should be cross-read with the one below, about which applications are the most used.

What are the essential applications in your day-to-day use of Cozy?


Are the applications we identified as basics really the most used and relevant in your daily use? This is what we wanted to know. First, we noticed the historical trio Contacts/Calendars/Files is way ahead, closely followed by applications we had identified as critical from the very beginning to have a productivity suit.

Note the share of the category “other”, which regroup applications that don’t exist yet.

It would be hasty to draw conclusion from that chart. There is indeed a bias: first, officially maintained Cozy applications are installed by default. Second, a company works full time on it, which is not the case of applications developed by Cozy and no longer maintained, neither the one of applications developed by the community members on their spare time!

What are the two main qualities you expect from a Cozy you pay for?


This question was frustrating to many of you, and we realized afterwards the answer system was not the right one: you should have been able to prioritize the answers rather than picking two. Nonetheless, the result is still interesting because it highlights the 4 core keys of Cozy added value:

  • an open platform that seeks to enroll against the tide by offering an ethical approach to personal data;
  • bringing security to your data;
  • stability: a robust platform that you can always rely on;
  • a good user experience, key for mass adoption.

It comforts us in our choice to spend time improving applications stability. Even though changes are not immediately noticeable, they are fundamental.

What are the two main qualities you expect from a hosting provider?


We had no particular prejudices about the answers we would get here. Unlike the previous question where 3 characteristics were equally ahead, the order of priority is here more linear. We find again the concerns about security, then stability/performances, followed closely by the price and customer relationship quality, and control of host location.


Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who took time to answer the survey: it is a way to contribute to Cozy which is very useful to us! Second, those who answered probably noticed that we didn’t present all the questions in this blog post, because it takes times. It will be for the next time! Until then, all the Cozy community counts on you to try Cozy and report bugs, and submit improvements on the forum.


[1] If you’re a Cozy user, make sure to subscribe on the blog or the Website to get the freshest news from the Cozy project!