Brace yourselves, desktop client for Linux is coming!

The wait is over! Who needs Google Drive or Dropbox when you have the Cozy desktop client? Now available for Linux, it can sync your files between your Cozy instance and your desktop.

From now on, you can easily view the files stored in your Cozy on your computer. The sync works both ways : you can import pictures from your computer to complete your albums or some music you will listen to in Cozy Music.

4 easy steps to get started:


How does it work?

Cozy-desktop is very easy to use: install it on your computer, and configure it according to these instructions. The client will automatically sync files between your Cozy and the folder you have selected. Again, it works both ways : creating a file on you computer will copy it on your Cozy. Then, you will be able to access it from the web interface via Files or from your smartphone. On the other side, when Konnectors import a file from a service, it is also available on your computer. Cozy-desktop was built to handle an everyday usage: conflicts between files, connection lost and other inconveniences have been anticipated. The client interface also provides you with information about the latest sync.


Back-up your files!

Our desktop client has been tested over and over again by the team, but a bug is always possible. We strongly advise you to back-up your files before your first sync. Having a regular back-up is a good habit to get into anyway!

What about OSX and Windows?

Not everybody is a Linux user, we know that. The client should be available for OSX users in a few weeks, and Windows should come after that. Most of what we need to do now is managing specific problems, mostly in our dependencies. As a responsible actor of Open Source community, we want to work closely with library maintainers. We may work a bit slower when we cannot reach them straight away, but it’s a win-win in a long-term perspective.

Tell us what you think!

We look forward to listening to your feedback! We have been working hard for this client, and we hope you will appreciate the result. Now, we need you so that we can go further. We want to hear from you: any issue you have encountered, any new feature you would like, any feedback is welcome! You can reach us on IRC, on the forum, or during our meet-ups. You can also send a message via the desktop-client’s help page, as illustrated below: