Cozy Cloud and Qwant working together to add Qwant search to the Cozy platform

Helsinki (Finland) and Paris (France), August 31st 2016, at the MyData 2016 conference, French start-up Cozy Cloud and European search engine Qwant announce a technology partnership to enable Cozy users to use Qwant’s search inside Cozy platform.

Searching content in Cozy enters a new dimension thanks to this partnership. Qwant & Cozy are joining forces to let their users search their personal data as easily as they commonly do on the Web, without compromising on their privacy.

Qwant and Cozy are developing groundbreaking technologies to provide search functionality within Cozy’s trove of personal data, without compromising on privacy nor security. Leveraging its experience of Web search, Qwant is developing advanced technology that enables searching on both Web data and personal data stored in a Cozy instance. This partnership between Cozy and Qwant permits new use cases: searching the Web within Cozy Cloud, searching personal data within the Cozy instance, and integrating Qwant Web search results with Cozy applications. This integration of search results will allow users to attach an image found with Qwant to an email being composed, enriching user experience without compromising on privacy and security. This will be made possible through a Qwant application for Cozy, which is currently under development.

On a longer term, the partnership’s goal is bigger: Qwant and Cozy Cloud plan to provide search results that are customized for the user without Qwant nor Cozy knowing about user activity, following the Qwant approach: Nothing that you search will leak out: this remains strictly your own business. As it should.

About Cozy Cloud

Cozy Cloud is an innovative young start-up which was co-founded in 2012 by Benjamin André (CEO). Tristan Nitot (CPO) joined Cozy Cloud in 2015. Cozy Cloud aims at disrupting the cloud and SaaS industries, by replacing big centralized silos by a swarm of personal Clouds, thus empowering individuals with their data. This approach allows major companies to accelerate their digital transformation and to get a better digital intimacy with their customers than GAFAs could ever have. Cozy Cloud already partners with MAIF, Gandi, OVH, La Poste, INRIA, EDF, Orange and the FING. They achieved a first investment round with Innovacom and Seed4soft in 2014, and a second one with MAIF and Innovacom in 2016.

About Qwant

Qwant is the search engine that does not track you and respects your privacy by adopting no-tracking policies and an extensive “privacy by design” approach from the start. Qwant provides an comprehensive set of internet search results by including web content, social media, news and podcasts, in addition to pictures and videos. The results are presented in a unique multi-column view, allowing users to refine their search and explore each category. An abbreviated version of Qwant ( is also available since October 2015. Qwant Junior (, the first full Web search engine dedicated to children was launched in December 2015, and Qwant Music, the world’s first search engine dedicated to music made available in June 2016.

Qwant is the only european search engine using its own index of the Web and social networks, allowing for independent and flexible results. Qwant also focuses on providing a differentiated user experience – it’s easy and ergonomic, while strictly respecting the privacy of the user. Qwant is backed by private investors and a participation of Axel Springer ventures. It has in addition received a 25 millions euros financial support from the European Investment Bank. Alongside founders Jean-Manuel Rozan, Eric Léandri and Alberto Chalon, 40 engineers develop the Qwant technologies.


Cozy Cloud Tristan Nitot, CPO, +33 611 47 05 72

Qwant Justine Provent, Attachée presse, +33 6 09 11 66 66

A prototype of the User Interface for search in Cozy using Qwant

A prototype of the User Interface for search in Cozy using Qwant