Cozy Cloud is hiring!

Pirates !

Ahoy, cabin boy, cabin girl! Cozy Cloud is looking for new pirates talents to extend its crew. If you feel like a flibuster or a helmsman and you want to jump on the boat to confront the GAFAs1, contact our captain without delay.

Our mission

The personal server for all

Cozy makes personal server the new mainstream device. We allow anyone to host their web apps and data on their own hardware. This paradigm unleashes web applications capabilities, solves many privacy issues and frees us from the data fragmentation problem we all meet in our more and more digital lives.

Cozy is based on a free and open source software. That means our community is deeply involved in the project. Anyone can contribute through bug reports, code and translations. Building a strong and big community matters significantly for our project : it’s our only way to be able to compete with major cloud companies.

What is our business model ?

Cozy is an opportunity for the digital transformation of brick and mortars companies challenged by Google & Co. We make possible for them to re-invent their digital services and customer relationships by bringing their services in the personal cloud of their clients, so that they have a full digital intimacy whereas the data remain under the control of the user : a true win win model. We provide to thoses companies professional services.

Join us to improve Cozy!

  • 1 full stack developer on clients (mobile & desktop): experience on mobile (iOS & Androïd APIs, hopefully java and/or Obj-C / Swift, Cordova or PWA or React Native ring a bell) and desktop (not only web), at least 5 years of experience needed.

  • 1 GO developer, who loves APIs. Key condition: desire, motivation for the technology and the project.

  • 1 front developer focused on HTML / CSS integration, with some knowledge on JS: beginner possible.

  • 1 front JS developer with experience on important applications on JS: 4 years of experience minimum.

Work environment

  • A project with a mission: give back data to individiuals for a more seamless digital experience;
  • Remote Office;
  • Commited and talented team of 25 that is directly in contact with the community;
  • Short meeting every day at 2pm and regular physical meetings in Paris;
  • Agile organisation;

What we expect from you

  • You must be fluent/native in French;
  • You are at ease with English;
  • For you being a part of a great team is an important;
  • You have excellent organisational skills and autonomy (remote office);
  • You like driving building and shipping at a fast pace.
  • You like finding ways to make products simpler and more engaging;
  • You are ready to work in a very technical environment and know how work open source projects;
  • You are friendly with the startup working style: flat organization and changing context.

Interested? Please contact Benjamin ANDRÉ: ben (at)

  1. Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon