Aeris joins the Cozy crew

Portrait of Nicolas Aeris

In the digital freedom ecosystem, talking about Nicolas Vinot will not get you far. But mention his nickname and you will have a very different answer: whether IRL or on Twitter, Aeris is a famous figure! His numerous contributions and his vehement speeches are his signature. Being an IT security expert comes with great responsibilities: you have to endorse tough verbal fights on Twitter and to fight against bad faith. Expert in computer security and Twitter power user, Aeris hates dishonesty about safety as much as he likes cats.

Needless to say that when we received an e-mail from Aeris, we prayed and hoped that it was a job application and not a list of Cozy security bugs. Fortunately, it was! After 8 years in a IT services company, he was looking for a company sharing his values. Luckily we were looking for a third system administrator. Aeris met Tristan and our first sysadmin (another Nicolas). Then, he met Benjamin, our CEO. Once hired, he became part of the team straight away: he shares our values, our love for free software and for sharing knowledge.

Aeris comes from a classical engineering background: he first studied mathematics and then computer science. He’s been driven by his passion for computers for years: he was part of the first computer owners in Brittany, and he spent hours in his school’s computer rooms. Hacking was part of who he was: trying stuff, exploring possibilities, satisfying his curiosity were a necessity. He quickly realized that his life would be about computers.

Computing is one of his many occupations: Aeris is a committed activist and a digital freedom fighter. One may think this is linked to his taste for computer science, but this commitment is political and philosophical above all. When he’s out of the digital world, he hikes, reads and watches science-fiction. He also cooks. Finally, we know we can trust him because he lives with two cats, and he is still alive. This is definitely the best proof of mutual trust he could give, and we are confident he will be able to manage our infrastructure if he can manage them.

Cozy would be nothing without a properly managed infrastructure, and it’s a daily challenge to manage thousands of Cozy instances: we are glad Aeris joined Lucas and our first Nicolas as sysadmin. Free software activist, cryptolover and wonderful pastry cook (hear us out, Aeris!), there is no way we give him back to the IT services industry!