Brand new My Accounts: Gathering your data has never been that easy

We believe at Cozy Cloud that everybody should get its data back, in the simplest way possible. My Account, our app allowing you to automatically retrieve your data (bills, health data, etc,) plays a central role in this mission. This is why we decided to rethink this app from the ground up.

What’s new?


I guess you’ve seen it, we revamped entirely the design of the application. But don’t be fooled by it, we thought a lot about the way the app works. My Accounts is now divided in 3 tabs, each with a clear objective.

Discover: some use cases to simplify your life

My Accounts Discovery tab

Aligned with our objectif of simplifying your life, we imagined this tab around real life use cases (like retrieving you phone bills or you energy consumption history) to help you discover all the accounts available.

Categories: tidy accounts tidy mind

My Accounts Categories tab

With more than 50 connectors available, the need to order them became important. You will now find your connectors organized by categories (energy, productivity, health, etc).

Connected: your active accounts

My Accounts Connected tab

You will find in this tab the accounts you already connected. You will also be able to access the settings of your accounts, to change the synchronization frequency from every week to every day for exemple.

What’s next?

We announced it few months ago now, we are currently entirely rewriting Cozy. My Accounts will be the third application available in Cozy V3, around late May 2017. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when Cozy V3 will be available!

Tell us everything!

We worked a lot on this new version of My Accounts, and we can’t wait to read what you think about it! Of course we would love to know how you like the new look and feel but not only. Ideas on how to improve My Accounts are more than welcomed as well! You can reache on the forum, Twitter or the contact form inside your Cozy.