Release of Cozy V3 Alpha! Aka the light at the end of the tunnel

It’s a big moment here at Cozy Cloud, as we are launching the Alpha 3 version of our Cozy software. In itself, an Alpha version (pre-version of a still barely usable software) doesn’t generate a lot of excitement. However this launch is a special one for the Cozy community, insofar as it makes it possible to measure the progress made over the past few months.

Let’s recap: at the end of November 2016, we announced a new roadmap for the complete ‘back-end’(server-side) re-write in Go language, with a plan to deliver an Alpha version in April that would make it possible to synchronise files. To put it simply, we did it!

As of now, only a few dozen tests instances have been created, as we also need to build the systems required to manage the infrastructure. We therefore can’t distribute tests instances, but we’re planning on being able to do so in an upcoming version.

A single objective: focus on synchronising files

Synchronisation clients

  • The iOS client, already in Alpha version, will be available by the end of May on the AppStore
  • The Android client will soon be available on the Play Store
  • The MacOS client will be available for download in the next few days
  • The Windows client is planned for June
  • We haven’t fixed a date for the GNU/Linux client

An introduction / ‘Onboarding’

As the concept of Personal Cloud is still relatively unknown, we need a learning period where we explain what is and isn’t possible with Cozy. That’s the purpose of the ‘onboarding’ phase; here are a few screenshots.




Files and Photos applications!

The Files and Photos Web applications are essential. For users, they are the visible side of Cozy, knowing that synchronisation clients work in the background and have almost no user interface.

Files application:


One click on the “Applications” button displays a pop-up that makes it possible to navigate to the Photos application:


Photos application:


By clicking on “Settings”:


Note the outstanding ergonomic input from our fabulous “product designer” which gives more coherence to the whole Cozy product. Objective: make it prettier, more practical…and more user-friendly!

And after this? The Beta!

The next step planned for June 2017 is the delivery of a beta version. In terms of new functions, this version will make it possible to use connectors to recover personal data from companies storing such information and store it in Cozy.

Also, at that time we should be able to start managing a large number of instances and therefore be able to offer them to Cozy community members! So this is a very exciting spring for us, full of new beginnings but also concentrated hard work. Bring on June, when we can finally move beyond screenshots!