Cozy at Viva Technology trade show


Some of our readers may want to attend the Viva Technology show but are concerned about the steep price, so we’ve decided to help by giving away free three-day passes (cost: EUR490!)

As we suspect that there may be more requests than available passes, we need a way to decide who gets the pass and who does not. Here is how we want to proceed to get a free pass:

  1. download the Make Internet Great Again image (see below);
  2. create a fun picture that includes the Make Internet Great Again picture (here is an example);
  3. post it on Twitter before 8AM (Paris time) tomorrow June 15th 2017 and mention @mycozycloud (this is important, otherwise we won’t know who wants a pass);
  4. cross fingers to make as many RTs and likes as possible. We’re going to take the top three people who have the most of these (we’ll consider that 1 RT is worth 2 likes).

Launch Photoshop, The Gimp (or even MS-Paint, if that’s really your thing) and get creative!