Announcing the Cozy Connector community developer program


Cozy Collect, the app that empowers users to collect their personal data from third parties, using connectors

Would like to learn how to make holes in data silos? Let me explain: as Cozy V3 Beta is about to be released, we can move forward on what makes Cozy truly unique: enabling individuals to collect their personal data from third party services such as energy providers, mobile operators and e-commerce sites, for example. To make this possible, one needs to write tiny programs called connectors built with Node.js. Quite a few connectors are already available but we need to have more available so that Cozy attracts a broader audience.

This is exactly why we’re starting a developer community program for developers. This program is based on two things:

  • Developer documentation (publication pending)
  • A series of workshops where one can learn how to develop a Cozy connector.

Developing a connector is a great way to start contributing to the Cozy ecosystem and make progress as you learn JavaScript development… while liberating user data from central proprietary silos!

If you are interested by this topic, please register to participate to the first workshop that will take place in Paris on June 28. Not available on this date? register to the Cozy Meetup so we can let you know about upcoming events!

See you at the upcoming workshop then, as liberating personal data is a hell of a way to “Make Internet Great Again”!