What about doing a talk about Decentralized Internet & Privacy at FOSDEM 2018?


Earlier this year, Cozy Cloud, along with other cool folks (hi Bram and Taziden), we organized the Decentralized Internet Devroom at FOSDEM.

In short, the results were above our wildest expectations: the schedule was packed and the room was so packed (e.g. too small) that we had to refuse hundreds of people all day long.

Now we have good news for the 2018 edition:

  1. There will be another developer room at FOSDEM 2018 dedicated to Decentralized Internet & Privacy
  2. There will be more volunteers this year to help with the organizations (thank you in advance!)
  3. The room will be significantly bigger this time
  4. The FOSDEM organizers asked us to merge with another group who work on Privacy technologies

Overall, this means that we will be able to accommodate more people, but this also means that we will have to cover a broader range of topics in the same amount of time. We expect the talks to be even better than last year!

This said, the Decentralized Internet & Privacy team wants you to respond to our Call for Papers. Please note that the deadline is November 26th, 2017.

Wether we’ll be able to retain your talk or not, we hope to see you in person in Brussels on Sunday February 4th, 2018!