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19 Sep 2014

Kload, Yunohost Core Developer, joins the Cozy Crew

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Since our fund raising rund we spent most of our times on finding people to join us in the Cozy journey. We met Kload, one of the founder and core developer of Yunohst, a platform that makes self-hosting a lot easier. It’s an awesome and popular software that helps users to manage their own server easily. No need to say we had a lot of stuff to discuss!

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10 Jan 2014

Simple hosting procedure for a Jabber server (Prosody)

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Some of you already know that we think more and more about building a Cozy Box. It would allow anyone to host his Cozy Personal Cloud at home. What’s new here is that we are not alone to think about it! Tommy Rombouts, a talented designer located in Belgium, built a Computer Case for the Raspberry Pi.

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