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10 Dec 2014

Backup And Share Your Mobile Pictures With Cozy

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Have you ever think to backup your device pictures and browse them online? Have you ever wanted to build and share a photo album from your mobile shots in a minute? And all of that without compromising your privacy (see iCloud scandal)? If you have, there is a good news for you, Cozy Mobile is now available for all android devices. It allows you to backup your photos online and to build shareable albums from them. And what makes it awesome is that it comes with many more features!

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17 Jul 2014

Webdav application renamed to Sync - What you should change in your mobile configuration

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Webdav application renamed to Sync - What you should change in your mobile configuration” description: “Recently, we changed the name of the Webdav module to Sync. For most people Webdav is not relevant enough. For non-technical people, it doesn’t mean anything.

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2 Apr 2014

Turn the Server into the New Personal Device with Node.js, Cozy and CouchDB


Today, the practice to host his web services on one’s own hardware is common among tech people. They can use personal CLI, home-made scripts and web apps to store and manage their data in a trusted location. This way, they gain productivity and improve their privacy. Unfortunately managing one’s home server requires time and efforts and is not feasible for non technical people.

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