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26 Apr 2015

Matthias Dugué Joins the Cozy Crew

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Recently, we reached a point where we were satisfied with the technical progress of Cozy. The underlying plumbery of the platform was working pretty well and we were able to handle the hosting of a great number of Cozy instances. At that time, the next big challenge we were going to face was the  […]

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11 Mar 2015

Game Changer Tristan Nitot, Founder of Mozilla Europe, Joins the Cozy Crew

They say that building a startup is like riding a roller coaster: sometimes you face really hard times and fall on your face. Sometimes, you achieve a big milestone and feels sky high. Today, we are sky high as we have great news: Tristan Nitot, of Mozilla fame, is joining Cozy as Chief Product Officer!

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28 Jan 2015

Paul Joins the Cozy Crew

When you build software, most of the time you want to deliver quickly. But some subjects require patience and time. Secure data sharing is one of them. We think the future of Cozy will rely a lot on social features. Because we are concerned by the security, we decided to reach researchers in that field.

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19 Dec 2014

Clochix joins the Cozy Crew

Cozy relies a lot on User interfaces that involves complex coding. That’s why we decided to hire someone with an expertise in its field. We are mainly front-end developpers, so it was a little bit like hiring ourselves. We crafted easily a job offer. Once done, we published it and we get a lot of good applications. In this context, Clochix contacted us.

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8 Dec 2014

Nicolas Ledez joins the Cozy Crew

One year ago, at LSM, I attended to a Git workshop animated by Nicolas Ledez. I enjoyed learning new commands and discussing about Git workflows. After the workshop, I kept on talking with Nicolas. Digging into the discussion, I discovered that he was passionate with hosting.

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19 Sep 2014

Kload, Yunohost Core Developer, joins the Cozy Crew

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Since our fund raising rund we spent most of our times on finding people to join us in the Cozy journey. We met Kload, one of the founder and core developer of Yunohst, a platform that makes self-hosting a lot easier. It’s an awesome and popular software that helps users to manage their own server easily. No need to say we had a lot of stuff to discuss!

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5 Jun 2014

Gear Secondo - Cozy Cloud raised $1M To Change The World of Personal Data

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Today is a great day for Cozy. We are very proud to announce you that Cozy Cloud raised 1 million dollars to change the world of Personal Data.

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26 Mar 2014

Job offer: Enthusiastic Web Developer

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The Cozy Team is proud to announce you that we are getting bigger! We get several orders around Cozy. That’s why we are recruiting an Enthusiastic Web Developer to change the world with us. You will find details in the following.

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